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Better To or Better Not Plastic Surgery Disasters

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Better To or Better Not: Plastic Surgery Disasters

It isn't always the case where plastic surgery changes the lives of the people like a miracle or a dream come true. As there is always a probability for a change or a mistake to occur, errors may as well occur among patients who are under plastic surgical processes. Although people are striving to have the 'perfect' ideal looks and change themselves physically for the better, will it really be okay to go for a plastic surgery? Or will it be a little safer to do some research beforehand? It is indeed hard to control the desire and the wish for good appearance. However, it is crucial to process the thoughts slowly step by step and decide upon the best choice to select.

Do Some Research

It is very convenient for everyone to use thecomputer, smart phone, or a tablet to look up information. It is always better to do some research before deciding on anything to be done beforehand in order to prevent self-damage and the overwhelming thoughts of regret. If perhaps, a specific part needs to be done, it is essential to look up about that part and see some sample plastic surgery outcomes before making a final decision. Note that most pictures in the internet are mostly photoshopped to enhance thebusiness and advertisement processes.

In other words, it is better to accept that a coin generally has two sides. If a coin is flipped, the probability of getting a head is 1/2 and a probability of getting a tail is just as similar. Which literally means that it is important for individuals to first know that once a decision is made, they will need the acceptance of an outcome or a result. 

As the latter has explained, there are always two sides in every little thing. Without either sides, there will be no balance between objects, ideas, and thoughts. Plastic surgery has proved the world the miracle of knife-cuts and implants, turning an ugly witch into a beautiful angel. However, there are as well the before and after plastic surgery disaster photos revealed and spread throughout the net, scaring the patients and individuals who are planning on having a plastic surgery done. Plastic surgery disasters like those of Joan Rivers or Jennifer Grey are most likely one of the worse plastic surgery cases. With lots of plastic surgery done, both celebrities settle at their worst faces after more than 10 times of surgery being done. Name it all, be it cheek implants, face lifting, or even neck lifting, the two stars are probably world's piece of art? Who knows...

If plastic surgery can change the lives of thepeople who are craving for beauty, it can as well be a disaster when too much is done without balance. It is important to always do some research and at the very best, be satisfied with yourselves and always try to be optimistic about being who you actually are.  



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